Garadate of Warsangeli

The Warsangeli Garaaddom and later Sultanate formed from the breakup of the Daarood kingdom in 1298 with the death of Maxamed Da'uud. Known to Arabs as the Maakhir Coast, it would remain independent until this independence was ended by the United Kingdom in 1920, though the dynasty continues as the traditional leaders of the Warsangeli.

From 1897 the title was changed to Suldaan.

Written By: James Dahl

A successor kingdom to the Sultanate of Adal

1Garad Abdulahi "Dhidin" Koge Warmaeke12981311
2Garad Hasan "Hamargale" Garad Abdulahi Koge13111328
3Garad Ibrahim Garad Hasan Garad Abdulahi13281340
4Garad Omar Garad Ibrahim Garad Hasan13401355
5Garad Mahamud Garad Omar Garad Ibrahim13551375
6Garad Eise Garad Mahamud Garad Omar13751392
7Garad Yaqub Garad Eise Garad Mahamud1392
8Garad Saeid Garad Yaqub Garad Eise
9Garad Yusuf Garad Saeid Garad Yaqub
10Garad Eise Garad Yusuf Garad Saeid1495
11Garad Ali "Dable" Garad Eise Garad Yusuf14951503
12Garad Liban Garad Ali Garad Eise15031525
13Garad Yusuf Garad Liban Garad Ali
14Garad Mahamud Garad Yusuf Garad Liban
15Garad Abdulle Garad Mahamud Garad Yusuf
16Garad Ali "Bah Majertein" Garad Abdulle Garad Mahamud
17Garad Mahamed "Nalaye" Garad Ali Garad Abdulle
18Garad Mahamed Garad Mahamed Garad Ali
19Garad Ali Garad Mahamed Garad Mahamed
20Garad Mahamud Garad Ali Garad Mahamed
21Garad Shire "Awl" Garad Mahamud Garad Ali
22Garad Ali Garad Shire Garad Mahamud
23Sultan Mahamud Garad Ali Garad Shire18971960
24Sultan Abdisalan Sultan Mahamud Garad Ali19601997
25Sultan Sieid Sultan Abdisalan Sultan Mahamud1997

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