Sultanate of Harar

After Imam Ahmed Gragn was killed in 1543, the invasion of Ethiopia crumbled and the Adal sultanate began to fall apart. The coastal cities of the Adal sultanate were annexed to the Ottoman Empire in 1548 and in 1559 the Abyssinian Emperor Gelawdewos captured Harar and Sultan Barakat was killed. Amir Nur and his forces recaptured Harar and killed Gelawdewos, drove the Abyssinians back into the highlands, and founded a new successor sultanate.

Written By: James Dahl

A successor kingdom to the Sultanate of Adal

1Amir Nur "Dhuhi-Suha" Amir Ali Amir Abdulahi15591567
2Amir Osman "Habashi" 15671569
3Sultan Talha Wazir Abbas Garad Abun15691571
4Sultan Nassir Amir Osman15711572
5Sultan Mahamed Sultan Nassir Amir Osman15721573
6Sultan Mansur Sultan Mahamed Sultan Nassir15731577

Successor Kingdoms

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