Amirate of Harar

A successor kingdom to the Imamate of Awsa

1Amir Ali Daud16471662
2Amir Hashim Amir Ali Daud16621671
3Amir Abdullah Amir Ali Daud16711700
4Amir Talha Amir Abdullah Amir Ali17001721
5Amir Abubakar Amir Abdullah Amir Ali17211732
6Amir Khalaf Amir Abubakar Amir Abdullah17321733
7Amir Hamid Amir Abubakar Amir Abdullah17331747
8Amir Yusuf Amir Abubakar Amir Abdullah17471755
9Amir Ahmed Amir Abubakar Amir Abdullah17551782
10Amir Mahamed Amir Yusuf Amir Abubakar17821783
11Amir Abdalshakur Amir Yusuf Amir Abubakar17831794
12Amir Ahmed Amir Mahamed Amir Yusuf17941821
13Amir Abdalrahman Amir Mahamed Amir Yusuf18211825
14Amir Abdulkarim Amir Mahamed Amir Yusuf18251834
15Amir Abubakar Abdalmanan Amir Mahamed18341852
16Amir Ahmed Amir Abubakar Abdalmanan18521866
17Amir Mahamed Amir Abdalshakur Amir Yusuf18661875
18Amir AbdAllah Amir Mahamed Amir Abdalshakur18841887

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