Imamate of Awsa

The Sultanate of Awsa was created by Imam Mahamed Jasa when he moved his capital from Harar to Awsa in 1577.

Written By: James Dahl

A successor kingdom to the Sultanate of Harar

1Imam Mahamed "Jasa" Ibrahim Abubakar15771583
2Imam Saadaddin Imam Mahamed Ibrahim15831585
3Imam Sabraddin Adan Imam Mahamed15851613
4Imam Sadiq Imam Sabraddin Adan16131632
5Malaq Adan Imam Sadiq Imam Sabraddin16321646
6Imam Ahmed Wazir Abram Imam Sadiq16461647
7Imam Omardin Malaq Adan Imam Sadiq16471672

Successor Kingdoms

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