Sultanate of Shawa

Described as a precursor to Ifat, Shawa was actually founded around the same time. After Dilmarrah (the son in law of Ali ibn Umar Walasma) took refuge in the court of Yekuno Amlak and (according to some accounts) converted to Christianity, Ifat swept in and took over Shawa, installing Abdallah as Sultan, and then formally annexing Shawa into Ifat in 1280. Dilmarrah was killed in 1283.

Written By: James Dahl

It is unclear (at least to me) what genealogical relationship the earlier Sultans have to each other, or with Sultan Ganah. It is also unclear whether Harba'ir, who is listed in the Shawa chronicle, is a sultan of Shawa. Malasma'i, nearly a century later, begins the actual list of Sultans.

Written By: James Dahl

A successor kingdom to the Nagashiate of Aksum

Sultan Harbaeir 1108
1Sultan Malasmaei 1183
2Sultan Husein 11831193
3Sultan Abdallah 11931235
4Sultan Mahamed Sultan Husein12351239
5Sultan Ganah 12521262
5Sultan Malzarrah Sultan Mahamed Sultan Husein12391252
6Sultan Giramgaz'i Sultan Ganah12621263
7Sultan Dilgamis Sultan Ganah12631269
8Sultan Dilmarrah Sultan Malzarrah Sultan Mahamed12691278
9Sultan Abdallah Sultan Ganah12781280

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