Sulxan Shawaa

A successor kingdom to the Nagaashi Aksum

Sulxaan Harbaiir 1108
1Sulxaan Malasmaii 1183
2Sulxaan Huseen 11831193
3Sulxaan Abdallah 11931235
4Sulxaan Mahamed Sulxaan Huseen12351239
5Sulxaan Ganaah 12521262
5Sulxaan Maalzarrah Sulxaan Mahamed Sulxaan Huseen12391252
6Sulxaan Giraamgaz'i Sulxaan Ganaah12621263
7Sulxaan Dilgaamis Sulxaan Ganaah12631269
8Sulxaan Dilmarraah Sulxaan Maalzarrah Sulxaan Mahamed12691278
9Sulxaan Abdallah Sulxaan Ganaah12781280

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