Sultanate of Habar Yonis

Sultan Sugulla Aynashe, the father of Sultan Diiriye, was the first Habar yonis Sultan, though he wasn't recognized by the whole clan. Nonetheless he still carried the title Sultan.

Written By: Caynaanshe
1Sultan Diriye Sugulla Aynashe1840
2Sultan Aman Sultan Diriye Sugulla18401854
3Sultan Hirsi Sultan Aman Sultan Diriye18541879
4Sultan Awd Sultan Diriye Sugulla18791899
5Sultan Nur Ahmed Sultan Aman18991910
6Sultan Dolal Sultan Nur Ahmed19101917
7Sultan Madar Sultan Hirsi Sultan Aman19171938
8Sultan Ali Sultan Madar Sultan Hirsi19381979
9Sultan Hirsi Qani Sultan Madar19791987
10Sultan Yusuf Sultan Hirsi Qani19871991
11Sultan Eise Sultan Hirsi Qani19911999
12Sultan Mahamed Sultan Hirsi Qani1999

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