Boqortoyate of Darod

There has been no Boqor accepted by all Darod clans since the death of Mahamed Da'ud, though the Majerten in recent centuries have begun to claim this title by right of primogeniture.

Written By: James Dahl

According to tradition, the Kingdom was broken when the Absame and Harti clans quarreled over who would be Boqor, and no single Boqor could be agreed upon. The Absame then decided to travel west along with many other clans and carve out their own kingdoms, eventually creating the Sultanate of Ifat.

Written By: James Dahl

Some traditions state that the Boqor was not just king of Darod but all Somali.

Written By: James Dahl

It should be noted that all other Somali kingdoms had signed colonial treaties, including Darod kings, with the exception of Dhulbahante Garad Diiriye Guure. This means that Dhukbahante Garad and Dervish Sultan Diiriye Guure was the sole monarch whose rule outlasted the scramble for Africa. This is because Dervish sultan and Dhulbahante Garad Diriye Guure was the only extant Somali king who did not sign a colonial treaty

Written By: wakiilkamaati
1Boqor Mahamed "Aw Maki" Tanade Darod
2Boqor Masadan Boqor Mahamed Tanade
3Boqor Dirir Boqor Masadan Boqor Mahamed
4Boqor Hobanle Boqor Dirir Boqor Masadan
5Boqor Adnan Boqor Hobanle Boqor Dirir
6Boqor Dirir Boqor Adnan Boqor Hobanle
7Boqor Harun Boqor Dirir Boqor Adnan
8Boqor Diftire Boqor Harun Boqor Dirir
9Boqor Mahamed Da'ud Abadir

Successor Kingdoms

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