Ugasate of Ogadein

The Current Ugaas Ugaas Mohamed Duulane Ugaas Xaashi

Written By: Mwaal

A successor kingdom to the Sultanate of Adal

1Ugas Khalaf "Madobe" Hasan Khalaf
2Ugas Guleid Ugas Khalaf Hasan
3Ugas Hirsi Ugas Khalaf Hasan
4Ugas Warfa Ugas Hirsi Ugas Khalaf
5Ugas Samatar "FolJeih" Ugas Hirsi Ugas Khalaf
6Ugas Koshin Ugas Hirsi Ugas Khalaf
7Ugas Magan Ugas Warfa Ugas Hirsi
8Ugas Olmi Ugas Warfa Ugas Hirsi
9Ugas Warfa Ugas Olmi Ugas Warfa
10Ugas Warfa "Ar" Ugas Magan Ugas Warfa
11Ugas Nur "Obudhiye" Ugas Warfa Ugas Magan
12Ugas Mahamud Ugas Nur Ugas Warfa
13Ugas Farahadde "Faraton" Ugas Mahamud Ugas Nur
14Ugas Warfa Farah Samatar
15Ugas Hashi Ugas Farahadde Ugas Mahamud
16Ugas Muhumed Ugas Hashi Ugas Farahadde
17Ugas Abdulahi Ugas Muhumed Ugas Hashi

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