Garadate of Dhulbahante

Contradicting with the the book Fatxul Xabasha account because Harti were so many in numbers by can garaad Habarwaa who is founder of most Dulbahante coincide with that period

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There is an omission of the garaad guud Diiriye Guure between 1895 and 1920. Garad of Dhulbahante Diiriye Guure is transliterated into English usually as Deria Gure.

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Dhulbahante Garad Diiriye Guure was the Garad of Dhulbahante during Dervish era.

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The sixteenth Dhulbahante garad, Deria Gure or Diiriye Guure was simultaneously the Darawiish sultan; hence the Dervish state, successor of Garaadtooyada Dhulbahante, was the sole Somali kingdom, and possibly African kingdom to militarily outlast the scramble for Africa.

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A successor kingdom to the Sultanate of Adal

1Garad Shirshore Habarwa Abdalle15301550
2Garad Farah Garad Shirshore Habarwa15501590
3Garad Abdalle Garad Farah Garad Shirshore15901600
4Garad Yasin Garad Farah Garad Shirshore16001620
5Garad Mahamed "Bahararsame" Garad Abdalle Garad Farah16201650
6Garad Mahamud "Jabane" Garad Mahamed Garad Abdalle16501685
7Garad Ali Garad Mahamud Garad Mahamed16851708
8Garad Mahamud Garad Ali Garad Mahamud17081734
9Garad Mahamed Garad Mahamud Garad Ali17341760
10Garad Mahamud Garad Mahamed Garad Mahamud17601780
11Garad Ali Garad Mahamud Garad Mahamed17801802
12Garad Mahamed Garad Ali Garad Mahamud18021825
13Garad Ali Garad Mahamed Garad Ali18251840
14Garad Mahamud "Korebas" Garad Ali Garad Mahamed18401863
15Garad Ali Garad Mahamud Garad Ali18631899
16Garad Mahamud Garad Ali Garad Mahamud19011918
17Garad Ar Dheil 19211923
18Garad Jama Garad Ali Garad Mahamud19231966
19Garad Ali Garad Jama Garad Ali19661985
20Garad AbdiQani Garad Jama Garad Ali19852006
21Garad Jama Garad Ali Garad Jama2006

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