Ugasate of Sade

A successor kingdom to the Sultanate of Adal

1Ugas Sharmarke Khalaf Husein
2Ugas Guleid Ugas Sharmarke Khalaf
3Ugas Farah Ugas Guleid Ugas Sharmarke
4Ugas Dini Ugas Farah Ugas Guleid
5Ugas Sharmarke Ugas Dini Ugas Farah
6Ugas Guleid Ugas Sharmarke Ugas Dini
7Ugas Jama Ugas Guleid Ugas Sharmarke
8Ugas Abdulle Ugas Jama Ugas Guleid
9Ugas Mahamed Ugas Abdulle Ugas Jama
10Ugas Hirsi Ugas Mahamed Ugas Abdulle1952
11Ugas Hashi Ugas Hirsi Ugas Mahamed1952
12Ugas Omar Ugas Hirsi Ugas Mahamed2011
13Ugas Mahamed Ugas Hashi Ugas Hirsi2011

Successor Kingdoms

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