Sultanate of Ifat

Also spelled Ifat or Yifat, the region of Yefat is northeast of the modern capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, which lies in the old land of Fatagar. The Sultanate was founded prior to the Empire of Abyssinia by almost a century, though Yefat's rise to prominence upon the conquest of the Sultanate of Shawa coincides with Yekwno Amlak's overthrow of the Zagwe dynasty.

Written By: James Dahl

A successor kingdom to the Boqortoyate of Darod

1Wali Asma Omar "Wilinwili" Dunyahus Ahmed11851228
2Sultan Ali "Baziwu" Wali Asma Omar Dunyahus1228
3Sultan Haqq AlDin Wali Asma Omar Dunyahus
4Sultan Husein Wali Asma Omar Dunyahus
5Sultan Nasr AlDin Wali Asma Omar Dunyahus
6Sultan Mansur Sultan Ali Wali Asma Omar
7Sultan Jamal AlDin Sultan Ali Wali Asma Omar
8Sultan Abud Sultan Jamal AlDin Sultan Ali
9Sultan Zubeir Sultan Abud Sultan Jamal AlDin
10Maati Layla Sultan Abud Sultan Jamal AlDin
11Sultan Haqq AlDin Nahwi Sultan Mansur1328
12Sultan Sabr AlDin Mahamed "Waqoyi" Nahwi Sultan Mansur13281332
13Sultan Jamal AlDin Nahwi Sultan Mansur1332
14Sultan Nasr AlDin Nahwi Sultan Mansur
15Sultan Ali "Qat Ali" Sultan Sabr AlDin Mahamed Nahwi
16Sultan Ahmed "Harbi Areid" Sultan Ali Sultan Sabr AlDin Mahamed
17Sultan Haqq AlDin Sultan Ahmed Sultan Ali1374
18Sultan Saad AlDin Sultan Ahmed Sultan Ali13741403

Successor Kingdoms

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