Sultanate of Majertein

The Majerteen Sultanate emerged following the collapse of the Sultanate of Adal in the 16th century. The Sultanate would come to dominate the tip of the horn of Africa until the 1930s, when the Sultanate would be conquered by the Italians.

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The Majerteen Sultans have styled themselves Boqor of All Daarood in recent times.

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During the onset of colonialism, there were three Harti kings of Harti kingdoms, namely Mohamud Ali Shire of the Warsangeli Kingdom, king Osman Mahamuud Yusuf of the Majeerteen or Gadhcas kingdom, and king Garad Diiriye Guure of the Dhulbahante or Darawiish kingdom.

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A successor kingdom to the Sultanate of Adal

1Sultan Ali Omar Mahamed
2Boqor Mahamed Sultan Ali Omar
3Boqor Yusuf Sultan Ali Omar
4Boqor Mahamud Boqor Mahamed Sultan Ali
5Boqor Mahamed Boqor Mahamud Boqor Mahamed
6Boqor Ali "Ambarre" Boqor Mahamed Boqor Mahamud
7Boqor Yusuf Boqor Ali Boqor Mahamed
8Boqor Mahamud "Hawadane" Boqor Yusuf Boqor Ali1815
9Boqor Osman "Bah-Dir" Boqor Mahamud Boqor Yusuf18151842
10Boqor Yusuf "Bah-Yaqub" Boqor Mahamud Boqor Yusuf18421844
11Boqor Mahamud Boqor Osman Boqor Mahamud18441860
12Boqor Osman Boqor Mahamud Boqor Osman18601927
13Boqor Muse Yusuf Boqor Osman19271987
14Boqor Mahamud Boqor Muse Yusuf19872006
15Boqor Abdulahi "King-Kong" Boqor Muse Yusuf20062013
16Boqor Burhan Boqor Muse Yusuf2013

Successor Kingdoms

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