Ugasate of Gadabursi

Correction: Ugas Ali Makayldere Muse*

Written By: Doodi

Ugas Ali Makayldere Muse*
Ugas Abdi Ugas Ali Makayldere*

Written By: Doodi

A successor kingdom to the Sultanate of Harar

1Ugas Ali Makahil Muse16071639
2Ugas Abdi Ugas Ali Makahil16391664
3Ugas Husein "Ugadh" Ugas Abdi Ugas Ali16641665
4Ugas Abdillah Ugas Abdi Ugas Ali16651698
5Ugas Nur Ugas Abdi Ugas Ali16981733
6Ugas Hirab Ugas Nur Ugas Abdi17331750
7Ugas Shirdon Ugas Nur Ugas Abdi17501772
8Ugas Samatar Ugas Shirdon Ugas Nur17721812
9Ugas Guleid Ugas Samatar Ugas Shirdon18121817
10Ugas Roble Ugas Samatar Ugas Shirdon18171835
11Ugas Nur Ugas Roble Ugas Samatar18351888
12Ugas Roble Ugas Nur Ugas Roble18881898
13Ugas Olmi-Warfa "Olmi-Dheire" Ugas Roble Ugas Samatar18981938
14Ugas Abdi Ugas Roble Ugas Nur19381948
15Ugas Dodi Ugas Roble Ugas Nur19481952
16Ugas Roble Ugas Dodi Ugas Roble19521960
17Ugas Jama Muhumed Ugas Olmi-Warfa19601985
18Ugas Abdilrashid Ugas Roble Ugas Dodi1985

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