Sultanate of Adal

After the loss of Ifat to the Abyssinian invasion under Negus Dawit I and the death of the last Sultan of Ifat, the Walashma dynasty fled into exile in Yemen. A decade later, the sultan's sons returned in 1415, and the war to reclaim their kingdom would rage for 30 years, until the Abyssinian armies were finally driven out of Bale by Sultan Badlay.

Written By: James Dahl

A successor kingdom to the Sultanate of Ifat

1Sultan Sabr AlDin Sultan Saad AlDin Sultan Ahmed14151422
2Sultan Mansur Sultan Saad AlDin Sultan Ahmed14221424
3Sultan Jamal AlDin Sultan Saad AlDin Sultan Ahmed14241433
4Sultan Ahmed AlDin "Badlay" Sultan Saad AlDin Sultan Ahmed14331445
5Sultan Mahamed Sultan Ahmed AlDin Sultan Saad AlDin14451472
6Sultan ShamsadDin Sultan Mahamed Sultan Ahmed AlDin14721488
7Sultan Mahamed Ashar AlDin Abubakar14881518
8Sultan Mahamed Abubakar Imam Mahfuz15181519
9Garad Ibrahim "Gazi" Garad Mahamed Garad Ali15191519
10Sultan Wasani 15191519
11Amir Mansur Imam Mahfuz15191519
12Garad Abun Garad Adadshe Garad Mahamed15191525
13Sultan Abubakar Sultan Mahamed Ashar AlDin15251526
14Sultan Omar Din Sultan Mahamed Ashar AlDin15261553
15Sultan Ali Sultan Omar Din Sultan Mahamed15531555
16Sultan Barakat Sultan Omar Din Sultan Mahamed15551559

Successor Kingdoms

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