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The preservation of abtirsi and traditions is the purpose of this site, and to raise awareness of the history and ancestry of all Somali people. As this is a rather massive undertaking, I rely on knowledgeable people to fill the gaps in my understanding. Please visit the discussion forum to help in this undertaking.

Written By: James Dahl

I think it's unfair, and sexism to an extend to only consider the paternal lines only when it comes to genealogy. We all know that half of our chromosomes are from our mothers, so should our abtirsi include them. James , you are already making the effort to know who we are, shouldn't you be also going that extra mile to find our other halves?


Written By: Diini

It is very useful to know and origin of Somali people and how the related in terms of genealogy which is Ayah (version) of quran, so as to know each other. Thanks all those who have done this great job.

Written By: Bile

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