1. Darod "Abdirahman"
  2. Son of Jaberti "Ismaeil"

Darod "Abdirahman" Jaberti

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Died: ~740? buried in Haylan

Father: Jaberti "Ismaeil"
Possible father by some accounts: Ismaeil Ibrahim Abdalsamad

Darood is credited with being an early pioneer of dawah (missionary work) in what would become Somalia. There are a number of stories about him and Dombiro, which are probably symbolic of the historical relationship of the Darood clan with the Dir clan.

Sometime after the 1600s Darood's ancestry was associated with Isma'il ibn Ibrahim al-Jabarti al-Aqeeli.

Written By: James Dahl

I totally Disagree that he died on 740, and on 1600 Darod descendents started to claim that they are descendents of Sufi saint Abu-Ma'ruf Jamaludeen Sheikh Isma'il ibn Ibrahim al-Jabarti al-Aqeeli. here are some clues which supports my objection about the above statement:

Sufi saint Abu-Ma'ruf Jamaludeen Sheikh Isma'il ibn Ibrahim al-Jabarti al-Aqeeli born on 1322 (722 Hijri)

Average of generations of each 100 years is 5 generations, so coming from the birth of Sufi saint Sheikh Isma'il ibn Ibrahim al-Jabarti al-Aqeeli which was 1322 (722Hijri) to The time of Ahmed Gurey (Ahmed Gran)his conquest of Ethiopia which was 1543 (949 Hijri)if we put like this 1543-1322 = 221 which is plus and minus about eight generations although it could be less or more shows clearly that Abdirahman (Darod) could not die 740 (122 Hijri).

The reason: Somali clans who played a strong role in Ahmed Gran's conquest of Abyssinia, were principally the Habar Magadle Isaaq, the Harti Daarood, and the Mareehaan, these clans went to war not so much as Somalis but as Muslims.
So if you look at it, Harti how many generations it goes from Darod 5 generations so people who are Harti now are Majeerteen , Dhulbahante, warsangeli, Dashiishe and others so if their lineage goes to Harti to another 3 to 5 generations you can not call them on their tribes as they call them today. But they will be called Harti and went to that war as Harti. That exactly shows as they are claiming to be the descendents of Sufi saint Abu-Ma'ruf Jamaludeen Sheikh Isma'il ibn Ibrahim al-Jabarti al-Aqeeli Who is buried in Zabid , Yemen. as the time frame of generation's calculations shows, time of death of Darod you have mentioned 740 8th century who would have probably been born on 7th century and died 740 8th century Wouldn't be possible and couldn't be the ancestor of Harti Who were fighting alongside of Ahmed Gurey (Ahmed Gran) on 1543 16th century as it is impossible within the time frame of nearly 800 years to have maximum 8 generations.

Written By: Fuadgarase

Abdirahman (Darod) bin Isma'il bin Daud (The word Darod derived fro Daud as a changed named an Daud was one the four sons of sufi saint Isma'il Aljabarty Alaqeeli) bin Ismail bin Ibrahim bin Abdisamad bin Ahmad bin Abdallah bin Ahmad bin Isma'il bin Ibrahim Ibn Abdallah bin Isma'il Ibn Ali bin Abdallah bin Muhammad bin Hamid bin(The father of all Jebertis the nickname or laqab of Jebertis originated from him he lived in city of Jabarta ruined city in Eritrea and came back later on to the land of Al-Hijaz so his Descendents are the Al-Hijazi Jebertis also Jebertis of Zabid, Lu'i, Hadramout Somalia and Oman) Abdallah bin Ibrahim bin Ali-ZeynulAabideen bin Ahmad bin Abdallah bin Muslim bin Abdallah bin(6 children only 5 have descendents through his children but Muhammad-Alakbar and Muslim are the majority of his descendents) Muhammad bin (5 children only 3 have descendents) Aqeel bin (Sahabil Jaliil had 15 children only 6 of them left descendents) Abu-Talib bin Abdi-Mutalib bin Hashim.

this is the correct lineage of sufi saint sheikh Isma'il Aljabarty Alaqeeli by all hashemite books and you can as reffence any written books of aqeeliyoon tribes or Talibiyiin tribes instead of relyin fake lineage of sufi saint sheikh Isma'il Aljabarty Alaqeeli. please make a proper research before relying on certain books.
Please remove the fake entries on this page as descendants of Darod as he has only five descendants from Dombira.

Written By: Fuadgarase

Omar cali

Written By: Sacadsaciid22

Children born by Dombira Digale Aji

  1. Kablalah "Mahamed" Darod Jaberti
  2. Eise Darod Jaberti
  3. Awrtable "Yusuf" Darod Jaberti
  4. Tanade "Husein" Darod Jaberti
  5. Sade "Ahmed" Darod Jaberti

Children born by "???"

  1. Suhure Darod Jaberti
  2. Obadi Darod Jaberti

Children born by "???"

  1. Agarone Darod Jaberti
  2. Hodme Darod Jaberti
  3. Kohdin Darod Jaberti
  4. Has Darod Jaberti
  5. Dhegadheire Darod Jaberti

Children born by ???
  • Eli Darod Jaberti
  • Hassan "Majeiste" Darod Jaberti
  • Urmiga Darod Jaberti
  • Ali Hassan Ibrahim Darod Jaberti
  • Siblings (mother not known)

    1. Omar Mohamud Jaberti
    2. Abubakr Jaberti
    3. Ahmad Jaberti
    4. Da'ud Jaberti
    5. Abdulsamad Jaberti

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