𐒘𐒁𐒇𐒖𐒔𐒕𐒑 "𐒁𐒖𐒐𐒋𐒖𐒆𐒆𐒗" 𐒋𐒖𐒐𐒛𐒑𐒖 𐒁𐒖𐒐𐒋𐒖𐒆

𐒄𐒖𐒈𐒚𐒈𐒙 𐒉𐒖𐒎𐒈𐒘𐒌𐒖𐒒

𐒁𐒖𐒔 𐒍𐒖𐒆𐒚𐒑𐒖 𐒃𐒖𐒑𐒁𐒗𐒐𐒗 𐒔𐒖𐒓𐒘𐒕𐒗

  1. 𐒚𐒐𐒖𐒌𐒕𐒇𐒗 𐒘𐒁𐒇𐒖𐒔𐒕𐒑 𐒋𐒖𐒐𐒛𐒑𐒖
  2. 𐒖𐒇𐒓𐒇𐒗 𐒘𐒁𐒇𐒖𐒔𐒕𐒑 𐒋𐒖𐒐𐒛𐒑𐒖
  3. 𐒌𐒖𐒇𐒓𐒇𐒗 𐒘𐒁𐒇𐒖𐒔𐒕𐒑 𐒋𐒖𐒐𐒛𐒑𐒖
  4. 𐒔𐒘𐒒𐒂𐒘𐒇𐒗 𐒘𐒁𐒇𐒖𐒔𐒕𐒑 𐒋𐒖𐒐𐒛𐒑𐒖
  5. 𐒛𐒆𐒖𐒒 𐒘𐒁𐒇𐒖𐒔𐒕𐒑 𐒋𐒖𐒐𐒛𐒑𐒖
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