1. Samale
  2. Son of Hil
  3. Son of Abrone

Samale Hil Abrone

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Died: ~650? buried in Yurkud, Bakol

Father: Hil Abrone

Saamaale (variously spelled Sacmaal, Shimaale, Soomaale or Zumali, as-Sumaili or al-Zulmali) is the ancestor of many Somali clans.

Attempts have been made to tie his lineage to Arabia. Both Ajuuraan as well as some Hawiye and Dir traditions link the lineage to Aqiil ibn Abu Talib, though this seems unlikely due to the evidence poiting towards an African origin.

Written By: James Dahl

His name most likely means "rich in cows" from the words "Sac" (cow) and "maal" (wealth, ownership of livestock), though many other theories have been proposed deriving from Arabic.

Written By: James Dahl

In the book Identities on the Move: Clanship and Pastoralism in Northern Kenya By Gunther Schlee, page 28. The Samaale abtirsi is as follows.

Abu Talib

Written By: Doodi

Children born by "???"

  1. Gardheire Samale Hil
  2. Irir Samale Hil

Children born by "???"

  1. Garare "Karure" Samale Hil
  2. Legura Samale Hil

Children born by "???"

  1. Mayle Samale Hil
  2. Maqare Samale Hil

Children born by "???"

  1. Harire Samale Hil
  2. Hamare "Harmalle" Samale Hil

Children born by "???"

  1. Yahabur Samale Hil

Children born by ???
  • Barjare Samale Hil
  • Siblings (mother not known)

    1. Sabe Hil Abrone
    2. Borana Hil Abrone

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