1. Fatimah "Aydargun"
  2. Daughter of Sultan Ali "Baziwu"
  3. Son of Wali Asma Omar "Wilinwili"
  4. Son of Dunyahus
  5. Son of Ahmed
  6. Son of Mahammad
  7. Son of Hamid
  8. Son of Yusuf
  9. Son of Barkanti
  10. Son of Saad
  11. Son of Muddan
  12. Son of Amudan "Muqabul"
  13. Son of Barwaq
  14. Son of Tagalwaq
  15. Son of Ogadein "Abdirahman"
  16. Son of Absame
  17. Son of Kumade "Abdi"
  18. Son of Kablalah "Mahamed"
  19. Son of Darod "Abdirahman"
  20. Son of Jaberti "Ismaeil"

Fatimah "Aydargun" Sultan Ali Wali Asma Omar

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Children sired by Sultan Malzarrah Sultan Mahamed Sultan Husein

  1. Sultan Dilmarrah Sultan Malzarrah Sultan Mahamed

Siblings (mother not known)

  1. Sultan Mansur Sultan Ali Wali Asma Omar
  2. Sultan Jamal AlDin Sultan Ali Wali Asma Omar

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