1. Habibo
  2. Daughter of Tigale
  3. Son of Molkal "Badaade"
  4. Son of Jibade
  5. Son of Gungundabe
  6. Son of Hawiye
  7. Son of Irir
  8. Son of Samale
  9. Son of Hil
  10. Son of Abrone

Habibo Tigale Molkal

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Children sired by Saransor Matan Riyale

  1. Galjeel Saransor Matan
  2. Eise Saransor Matan
  3. Degodia Saransor Matan
  4. Massare Saransor Matan

Siblings (mother not known)

  1. Warable Tigale Molkal
  2. Mumin Tigale Molkal
  3. Beydisle Tigale Molkal
  4. Wadere Tigale Molkal

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