1. Hasan "Kawayni"
  2. Son of Omar
  3. Son of Ali
  4. Son of Adan
  5. Son of Ibrahim
  6. Son of Muse
  7. Son of Mahamed
  8. Son of Mahamed
  9. Son of Mahamed
  10. Son of Ahmed
  11. Son of Ali
  12. Son of Shaykhan
  13. Son of Alawi
  14. Son of Mahamed
  15. Son of Ahmed
  16. Son of Abubakar "Kharbashan"
  17. Son of Abdalrahman
  18. Son of Abdullah
  19. Son of Ali
  20. Son of Mahamed
  21. Son of Ali
  22. Son of Alawi
  23. Son of Mahamed
  24. Son of Ali
  25. Son of Mahamed
  26. Son of Ali
  27. Son of Alawi
  28. Son of Mahamed
  29. Son of Siyeid Alawi "Baalawi"
  30. Son of Obeidalah
  31. Son of Ahmad
  32. Son of Eise Arumi
  33. Son of Mahamed Annaqib
  34. Son of Ali
  35. Son of Imam Jafar "Abu Abdulah"
  36. Son of Imam Mahamed "Abu Jafar"
  37. Son of Imam Ali "ZeinalAbidin"
  38. Son of Imam Husein
  39. Son of Imam Ali
  40. Son of Omran "Abu Talib"
  41. Son of Shaybah "Abd AlMutalib"
  42. Son of Amru AlOla "Hashim"
  43. Son of Abd Manaf
  44. Son of Qusai "Zaid"
  45. Son of Kilab
  46. Son of Murah
  47. Son of Kaab
  48. Son of Loway
  49. Son of Ghalib
  50. Son of Fahr
  51. Son of Malik
  52. Son of AlNadr "Quraish"
  53. Son of Kinanah
  54. Son of Khuzaimah
  55. Son of Mudrekah
  56. Son of Ilyas
  57. Son of Mudar
  58. Son of Nezar
  59. Son of Maad
  60. Son of Adnan

Hasan "Kawayni" Omar Ali

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Father: Omar Ali Adan

Hasan al-Kawayni is the patriarch of the Somali Kawayni Ashraaf clan, as well as the ancestor of Hajji Ali.

Written By: James Dahl

Hassan is the son of Faqi omar but there is dispute whether faqi omar was ashraaf or Bakri from abuubakr alsidiiq the aw hassan beleive he is ashraaf while the rest beleive he waas bakri but the omar of hassan kawayne and abadir omar of harar is the same person according to all the documents in harar.

Written By: cumardiinking

Aw Hassan "Kawayni" is the son of Faqi Omar "Abadir".

Written By: mhussein64

Aw Hassan "Kaweyne " is the son of Sayid "Omar Ali Adam" .His Father Immigrated from Yemen City and is buried in Wahad after fulfilling Islamic Religious Da'wa in the East Africa region .He is Alu beyt and Descendant of Imam Hussein Bin Ali Bin Abi Dalib RC , Where as Fiqi "Omar" Is Bakri and both have different lineages ."Reer Aw Hassan" Are Separate Somali Clan in The Tribes Called " Others" .They are Closely related To Asharaaf and Live in Hiiraan ,Lower Shabelle ,Mandera and Godey .

Written By: Amiin

Hassan Kaweyni is the descendant of Ali bin Shaykhan, who's father came from Yemen. He was killed by Hawiye in Ubatale, Doollo

Written By: redfoxflame

Reer aw hasan IS NOT Shiiqaal. They are ashraf. I will upload the abtir here soon. The lineage you have in here is for Reer aw hasan kaweyni same as reer aw xasan.

Written By: Kaaba80

Reer aw hasan kaweyni or reer aw hasan is the son of Omar Ali adan NOT the son of fiqi cumar ok. Reer aw hasan or aw hasan kaweyni are same person. However, you are putting as different persons. Please correct this and also correct this lineage you have in here is for Reer aw hasan kaweyni which is reer aw hasan.

Written By: Kaaba80

Children born by ???
  • Saeid Hasan Omar
  • Ali Hasan Omar
  • Nur Hasan Omar
  • Abdalla Hasan Omar
  • Abdirahman "Ogayslabe" Hasan Omar
  • Mumin Hasan Omar
  • Dod Hasan Omar
  • Abokor Hasan Omar
  • Mumin Hasan Omar
  • Fatima Hasan Omar
  • Sharifo Hasan Omar
  • Mohamoud Hasan Omar
  • Siblings (mother not known)

    1. Khalif Omar Ali

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