Cali "Bicidyahan" Ibraahim Jibraahiil

Xasuso Shaqsigan

Aabe: Ibraahim Jibraahiil Maxamed

Reer Bicidyahan (Somali: Biciidyahan) is a sub-clan of the Majeerteen clan family, which is part of the larger Harti confederation of Darod clans.
Its members inhabit the eastern portions of the Ogaden, primarily in and around the Werder Zone. Reer Bicidyahan are also found in the north-central Mudug and southern Jubbada Hoose (Lower Jubba) regions of Somalia, particularly in the cities of Gaalkacyo and Kismayo. Suldaan Hasan Ali Baale is the current suldaan of reerbicidyahan. He succeeded his Father Suldan Ali baale in 1980
Reer Bicidyahan is a nickname for the people that are said to have descended from Ali bin Ibrahim ibn Jibril

Waxaa Qoray: garaad

Cali Ibrahim waxa uu dhalay
1. Siciid Cali Ibrahim
2. Sugul Cali Ibrahim
3. Obokor Cali Ibrahim
4. Xuseen Cali Ibrahim( Waran-fiiq).

Waxaa Qoray: axmed

Bah ???
  • Reer Gabdoon Cali Ibraahim
  • Reer Rooble Cali Ibraahim
  • Reer Maxmed Murux Cali Cali Ibraahim
  • Suldaan Ashkir Suldan Cabdile Dhaalay Cali Ibraahim
  • Reer Cali Sugule Cali Ibraahim
  • Cabdi Cismaan Waran Fiiq Cali Ibraahim
  • Reer Maxamed Gaal Eri Cali Ibraahim
  • Reer Indhayare Cali Ibraahim
  • Islaan Xasan Cigaal Ciise Cali Ibraahim
  • Reer Xaamud Cali Ibraahim
  • Husein Ali Cali Ibraahim
  • Abokor Bicidyaha Cali Ibraahim
  • Reer Sugul Cali Ibraahim
  • Mohamud Yonis Cali Ibraahim
  • Muse Yonis Cali Ibraahim
  • Ismael Yonis Cali Ibraahim
  • Reer Galaeri Cali Ibraahim
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