1. Hil
  2. Son of Abrone

Hil Abrone

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Died: ~620?

Father: Abrone

In some traditions, Hil is named Ahmed and Hil is just his nickname, and he is Ahmed Mohamed Aqil ibn Abu Talib.

Written By: James Dahl

There are a few variations on the spelling. Xiil, Iil or even Ciil.

Written By: James Dahl

Children born by ???
  • Sabe Hil Abrone
  • Samale Hil Abrone
  • Borana Hil Abrone
  • Siblings (mother not known)

    1. ALI GANUUN Abrone
    2. ALI Abrone
    3. UMAR Abrone
    4. MAHAMUUD Abrone
    5. GUULEED Abrone
    6. BARE Abrone
    7. JIDWAAQ Abrone
    8. ABSAME Abrone

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