1. Hawiye
  2. Son of Irir
  3. Son of Samale
  4. Son of Hil
  5. Son of Abrone

Hawiye Irir Samale

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Died: ~740?

Father: Irir Samale Hil
Possible father by some accounts: Babbille Qallo Barentuma

The place called Hawiya is just southeast of the town of Erer, along the east road from Harar to southern Ethiopia.

By some accounts, his name was actually Axmed.

According to Barentuma Oromo, Hawiye is descended from Babille, one of the Afran Qallo.

Written By: James Dahl

Brother James what’s this babbille Qallu Barent confederation
You should know Barentu is confederation whereby Dir and hawiye asides
Also sheikhal ppl

There’s no such thing as Somali of you trolls call hawiye proto Oromo etc
Oromo cousin bcuz this Somali identity comes from us

We ARE not Oromo
If we are Oromo there wouldn’t have been no samale thing
Maybe pre hawiye clans are proto Oromo
Pre hawiye

Somali languages developed in north
By northern clans

Is sad southern hawiye lost their lahjad due to early migration

Have their own Mahaa dialect with some Maay words

And their Mogadishu dialect
Eg abgaa and rest of mudullood
l whom speak Mogadishu’s/ banaadir dialect

Written By: Aarkadamegorgate

Hawiye/ Axmed son of Irir

Nothing todo with Barentu Oromo nationalist just claiming us barentu confederation
Making up stories

Hawiye in Ethiopia bordering Oromo dont fighting each other but fight in unison against Oromo, etc
Even Ogaden

They simply United against non hawiye
Which is beautiful รขหœยบรฏยธย not absorbed by


Written By: Aarkadamegorgate

Children born by Girey

  1. Gorgate Hawiye Irir
  2. Gungundabe Hawiye Irir
  3. Jambele Hawiye Irir

Children born by Arabeiro

  1. Rarane Hawiye Irir
  2. Haskul Hawiye Irir
  3. Karanle Hawiye Irir
  4. Halimo Hawiye Irir

Children born by ???
  • Ali Madahweyne Hawiye Irir
  • Galjeel Hawiye Irir
  • Eise Saransor Hawiye Irir
  • Dagodiye Saransor Hawiye Irir
  • Dagodiye Saransor Hawiye Irir
  • Masare Saransor Hawiye Irir
  • Dagodiye Saransor Hawiye Irir
  • Rikrje Hawiye Irir
  • Leilkase Hawiye Irir
  • Abdi Ayanle Yussuf Hawiye Irir
  • Siblings (mother not known)

    1. Aji Irir Samale

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