1. Digil "Digalu"
  2. Son of Daysame
  3. Son of Orma
  4. Son of Sabe
  5. Son of Hil
  6. Son of Abrone

Digil "Digalu" Daysame Orma

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Father: Daysame Orma Sabe

Father omar diin son of khduub.
children born by???

Lesaan son of omardiin.
Hdamo son of omardiin.
Luway son of omar diin

Gelidle son of omar diin

Geaasr gude son of omar diin
jilible son of omardiin
Geledi son of omardiin
Omardiin is the son of khuduub then faqi omar and you can see the geneology here.

Written By: cumardiinking

Digil son of fiqi yusuf.
and you can see the geneology of Digil till Abubakr alsidiiq here.

Written By: cumardiinking

Children born by ???
  • Mahamed "Mad" Digil Daysame
  • Eise Digil Daysame
  • Ali Digil Daysame
  • Dubo Digil Daysame
  • Digine Digil Daysame
  • Osman "Dubdheire" Digil Daysame

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