1. Suldan Ashkir Suldan Abdile Dhalay
  2. Son of Ali "Biodyahan"
  3. Son of Ibrahim
  4. Son of Jibrahil
  5. Son of Mahamed "Ummadnebi"
  6. Son of Abdullahi "Toljele"
  7. Son of Hasan "Himidor"
  8. Son of Talareir
  9. Son of Mahamed "Walal Yabare"
  10. Son of Hijijle
  11. Son of Nolays
  12. Son of Omar "Sorore / Nabidor"
  13. Son of Awe
  14. Son of Mahamed "Bah Majertein"
  15. Son of Salah "Harti"
  16. Son of Hantale
  17. Son of Amlale
  18. Son of Kombe "Abdi"
  19. Son of Kablalah "Mahamed"
  20. Son of Darod "Abdirahman"
  21. Son of Jaberti "Ismaeil"

Suldan Ashkir Suldan Abdile Dhalay Ali Ibrahim

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Siblings (mother not known)

  1. Reir Hamud Ali Ibrahim
  2. Reir Mahmed Muruh Ali Ali Ibrahim
  3. Reir Ali Sugule Ali Ibrahim
  4. Abdi Osman Waran Fiq Ali Ibrahim
  5. Reir Mahamed Gal Eri Ali Ibrahim
  6. Reir Indhayare Ali Ibrahim
  7. Islan Hasan Ogal Eise Ali Ibrahim
  8. Reir Gabdon Ali Ibrahim
  9. Husein Ali Ali Ibrahim
  10. Abokor Biodyaha Ali Ibrahim
  11. Reir Sugul Ali Ibrahim
  12. Mohamud Yonis Ali Ibrahim
  13. Muse Yonis Ali Ibrahim
  14. Ismael Yonis Ali Ibrahim
  15. Reir Galaeri Ali Ibrahim
  16. Reir Roble Ali Ibrahim

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