1. Yusuf "AlKawnayn"
  2. Son of Ahmed
  3. Son of Mahamed
  4. Son of Abdalahi
  5. Son of Ismaeil
  6. Son of Muse
  7. Son of Husein
  8. Son of Ali
  9. Son of Hamse
  10. Son of Qasim
  11. Son of Yahya
  12. Son of Husein
  13. Son of Ahmed
  14. Son of Quwayi
  15. Son of Yahya
  16. Son of Eise
  17. Son of Mahamed
  18. Son of Taqi alHadrama
  19. Son of Abdullah
  20. Son of Hadi
  21. Son of Mahamed
  22. Son of Ali
  23. Son of Muse
  24. Son of Jafar
  25. Son of Mahamed
  26. Son of Ali
  27. Son of Imam Hasan
  28. Son of Imam Ali
  29. Son of Omran "Abu Talib"
  30. Son of Shaybah "Abd AlMutalib"
  31. Son of Amru AlOla "Hashim"
  32. Son of Abd Manaf
  33. Son of Qusai "Zaid"
  34. Son of Kilab
  35. Son of Murah
  36. Son of Kaab
  37. Son of Loway
  38. Son of Ghalib
  39. Son of Fahr
  40. Son of Malik
  41. Son of AlNadr "Quraish"
  42. Son of Kinanah
  43. Son of Khuzaimah
  44. Son of Mudrekah
  45. Son of Ilyas
  46. Son of Mudar
  47. Son of Nezar
  48. Son of Maad
  49. Son of Adnan

Yusuf "AlKawnayn" Ahmed Mahamed

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Father: Ahmed Mahamed Abdalahi

By Somali Oral Tradition (Zaylici),
Yusuf Al Kownayn was a Wardiiq man and not an Arab man. He was not related to Shiekh Isaaq. He (Yusuf) was born in Zaylac and studied in Iraq, he came back to Awdal (Zaylac) to spread the deen to Somalis
-Wardiiq people

Written By: Historyguy


This Sheikh has always been known as a native Somali, who spread the Zayla'i school of thought to Asia and India, he was a native Dir man,

Shiekh Abi-Bakr Al Alawi, a Harari historian, states in his book that Yusuf bin Ahmad al-Kawneyn was of native and local Dir (clan) extraction.

Source: Quath, Faati (1957). Islam Walbaasha Cabra Taarikh [Islam and Abyssinia throughout history] (in Arabic). Cairo , Egypt.

Written By: truthseeker

Children born by ???
  • Hamid Yusuf Ahmed

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