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Concerning Daarood's father Ismaaciil Al-Jabarti

PostPosted: Sat Aug 27, 2016 7:42 pm
by InaCabdulqaadir
Dear James Dahl

I request that you remove Jabarti from Ismaaciil's father and add Al-Jabarti as Ismaaciil's nickname. The reason I ask you to do this is because I do not believe that he exists. You may heard this from Somalis but as you know Somali nomads were illiterate and thus everything was passed down orally. This means that while abtiris' to The clan founders are generally reliable anything past that becomes hazy. For example some say Ismaaciil bin Jabarti bin haashim wa qiil carbeed yuusuf whereas others say Ismaaciil Jabarti Higlahurud Hongoolajiid all of which seem like bogus because they give him lineages that sound more Somali than Arabic whilst claiming he was an Arab.

Fortunately, Daarood are descended from Arabs (some people disagree) so there is an actual written lineage:

Abdirahmaan Bin Ismaa'iil Bin Ibraahim Bin Abdirahmaan Bin Muhammed Bin Abdi Samad Bin Hanbal Bin Mahdi Bin Ahmed Bin Abdallah Bin Muhammed Bin Aqil Bin Abu-Talib Bin Abdul-Mutalib Bin Hashim Ibn 'Abd Munaf (called Al-Mugheera) Ibn Qusayy (also called Zayd) Ibn Kilaab Ibn Murrah Ibn Ka'b Ibn Lu'ayy Ibn Ghaalib Ibn Fahr (who was called Quraysh and whose tribe was called after him) Ibn Maalik Ibn An-Nadr (so called Qays) Ibn Kinaanah Ibn Khuzaymah Ibn Mudrikah (who was called 'Amir) Ibn Elias Ibn Mudar Ibn Nizar Ibn Ma'ad Ibn Adnaan.

According to 'Aqeeliyoon by Ibn Mas'ud and Yaaquub Ibn 'Abdullah Al-Hamawi

So please correct this error.

Yours Sincerely