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Habar Jeclo

PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2016 1:21 pm
by Togdheer
Hi there James few corrections need to be made in HJ section.
1. Muse sheikh Isxaaq had only 1 son Abokor Muse. There is no such thing as Mohamed Muse

2. Under the Muse Abokor section you forgot to add the proper nicknames because most people don't know the real names.
A. Under Abdirahman Muse, Osman Abdirahman and Abdille Abdirahman should be labelled bah Majeelo.
B. Under Yoonis Abdirahman I've added extra bit in but I had a few issues. Yoonis Abdirahman is broken down into Mohamed and Osman Yoonis. Could you label Mohamed Yoonis Allamagan, because that is what they are know as.
C. Mohamed Osman Yoonis you have 2 sons which I added Ali and Wacays. I had an issue changing wacays name because 99% of the time people use his nickname instead "Baale".
Baaleh had 4 offspring which I added. His children are know as the 4 Baaleh "Afarta Baale". No one uses the real name the 4 wacays.