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Postby axmd » Wed May 19, 2021 9:39 am

in this site xijiijle abtirsi is

Maxamed "Walaal Yabare" Xijiijle Noolays
Wacdaanwaaq Xijiijle Noolays
Nuur "Nuurki Qabe" Xijiijle Noolays
Cali Xijiijle Noolays
Allamagan "Amartiwaaq" Xijiijle Noolays
Gumasoor Xijiijle Noolays
Fiilkucaag Xijiijle Noolays
Yuusuf Xijiijle Noolays
Waarag Xijiijle Noolays
Deylac Xijiijle Noolays
Haylaciyo Xijiijle Noolays
Duudmariye Xijiijle Noolays

i comunicated with nuurkiiqabe and their grand father name is yusuf xijiijle not nuur xijiijle, second thing i asked some people about


and they told me they dont exist !!

so i would like if you correct this abtirsi to:

maxamed xijiijle (walaal yabare)
Allamagan xijiijle (Amartiwaaq)
axmed xijiijle (Gumasoor)
Maxamuud xijiijle (reer waa rag)
Yuusuf xijiijle (Nuurkii qabe)
Cali xijiijle
Filkucaag xijiijle ( dont know their real name)
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