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JIDWAAQ absame

PostPosted: Wed Sep 29, 2010 9:05 pm
by Garaad salah
Jidwaaq Absame
1 Barre (Bartire)
2 Roobe ( Abasguul)
3 Shahrudin (Yabare)

1 Quwaaxde
2 Tiimocase
3 Tuurcase

1Yacquub Quwaaxde
2 Wadi Quwaaxde
3.Yusuf Quwaxde

1 Sacaad Yacqub
2 Laagmadoobe Yacqub
3 Laagcase Yacqub
4 Yonis Yacqub

Habar sacad
1 Samatar Sacaad
2 Hassan Sacaad
3 Ahmed Sacaad
4 Adan sacaad

Samaatar Sacaad
1 Adan Sacad
2 Ahmed Sacad
3 Ibrahimsacaad

Adan Sacaad
1 Ahmed Adan
2 Ali Adan
3 Hirsi Adan

Ahmed Adan
1 MOhamud AHMED

1 Guleed MOhamud
2 Omar MOhamud
3 Hirsi Mohamud

Garaad Guled Mohamud
1 Garaad Abdulle Guled
2 Hussein Garaad Guleed
3 Noor Garaad Guleed
4 Yusuf GaraadGuleed
5 Ahmed Garaad Guleed

Garaad Abdulle Garaad Guleed
1 Garaad MOhamed Garaad Abdulle
2 Amiin Garaad Abdulle
3 Diini Garaad Abdulle
4 Ibrahim Garaad Abdulle
5 Hassan Garaad Abdulle

Garaad Mohamed Garaad Abdulle
1 Garaad Ali Garaad MOhamed Garad Abdulle
2 Abdi Garaad Mohamed Garad Abdulle
3 Hussein Garaad MOhamed Garaad Abdulle
4 Omar Garaad Mohamed Garaad Abdulle
5 Mohamud Garad MOhamed Garad Abdulle

Garaad Ali Garad MOhamed Garaad Abdulle
1 Garaad Mohamud Garaad Ali Garaad MOhamed

1 Garaad Cilmi Garaad Mohamud
2 Hassan Garaad MOhamud
3 Caalin Garaad Mohamud
4 Faraah Garaad MOhamud
5 Omar Garaad MOhamud
6 Noor Garad MOhamud
7 Ibrahim Garad Mohamud
8 Hussein Garaad Mohamed

Garaad Cilmi Garaad Mohamud
1 Garaad Hussein Garaad Cilmi
2 Hassan Garaad Cilmi
3 Ahmed Garaad Cilmi
4 Farah Garaad Cilmi
5 Rooble Garaad Cilmi
6 Xuble Garaad Cilmi
7 Adan Garaad Cilmi
8 samaan Garaad Cilmi

Garaad Hussein Garaad Cilmi Garaad Mohamud
1 Garaad Ahmed Garaad Hussein
2 Adaan Garaad Hussein
3 Abdullahi Garaad Hussein
4 Ali Garaad Hussein
5 Abdi Garaad Hussein
6 Bulle Garaad Hussein
7 Noor Garaad Hussein

Garaad Ahmed Garaad Hussein
1 Garaad salah Garaad Ahmed Garaad Hussein
2 Abdi Garaad Ahmed Garaad Hussein
3 Idris Garaad Ahmed Garad Hussein
4 Ali Garaad Ahmed Garad Hussein
5 Omar Garaad Ahmed Garaad Hussein
6 Noor Garaad Ahmed Garaad Hussein

Re: JIDWAAQ absame

PostPosted: Thu Sep 30, 2010 7:31 pm
by James Dahl
Added here: :D

You wouldn't happen to know where Garaad Xirsi Garaad Farax Garaad Xirsi (Wiilwaal) fits into this would you?

Re: JIDWAAQ absame

PostPosted: Sat Apr 07, 2012 12:32 am
by AlleYaqaan
Garaad Yacquub
Garaad Wardi
Garaad Laag
Garaad Yoonis
Garaad Muuse
Garaad Yuusuf
Garaad Axmed
Garaad Cismaan
Garaad Dhaaweed
Garaad Nuur
Garaad Dhaaweed
Garaad Faarax-Ileey

Garaad Caafi
Garaad Aw madar
Garaad Xirsi
Garaad Faarax
Garaad Xirsi-WiilWaal

Re: JIDWAAQ absame

PostPosted: Fri Mar 15, 2013 2:37 am
by mahamed
Absame = Abtirsi Wacan or The one who has a perfect Geneology. My mother and Grandmother who is half Ogaden say Sade's Daughter was Absames mother, so Kumade married his Cousin. giving his son a perfect blood line.

Re: JIDWAAQ absame

PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 3:47 pm
by awmuxumed
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