There is no person or tribe called jeberti But it was a nick

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There is no person or tribe called jeberti But it was a nick

Postby Fuadgarase » Fri Nov 09, 2012 10:33 pm

Mr James please as I have mentioned you before there is no one named jaberti, and Darod's name you can see on his tomb Al-Arif bilaah Abdirahman Isma'il Darod(Da'ud), when Aljeberti is a nickname like Al-Zeyli'i or Al-Rajihi, which came from his 2nd grandfather and the father of his 1st grandfather Darod(Da'ud).

Those who are his descendants how know about his genealogy you should ask, and if you are not sure about something or someone the polite way is better to don't print it, just stop up to Isma'il but don't create for us or let others to mislead you on a father who never existed.

Al-Arif bilaah Abdirahman Isma'il Darod(Da'ud)bin Isma'il Al-Jaberti, his Tomb is in Heylaan Sanaag Somalia.

Thank you.
Abdirahman Isma'il Darod where Darod meant a changed named used to be Da'ud the Son of Sufi saint Sheikh Isma'il bin Ibrahim Al-jeberti
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Re: There no person or tribe called jeberti

Postby Fuadgarase » Fri Nov 09, 2012 10:43 pm

Here is also inside his Tomb (Al-Arif bilaah Abdirahman Isma'il Darod(Da'ud)bin Isma'il Al-Jaberti)
Tomb of Al-Arif bilaah Abdirahman Isma'il Darod(Da'ud)bin Isma'il Al-Jaberti
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Re: There is no person or tribe called jeberti But it was a nick

Postby Fuadgarase » Fri Nov 09, 2012 11:15 pm

Here is also the last page of the book of genealogist the head of genealogists of Aqiliyoon Sheikh Khatib genealogy investigator Mr. Sharif: Ahmed Bin Ali Al Rajhi Aqili Hashemi Qurashi member Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in Jeddah and a member of the supreme body for genealogy Association Hashemite "Book pearls Sunni Descendents of Al-aqiliyoon" chosen from the history of Jabartis. and he mentioned about the book of sufi saint Sheikh Isma'il's Disciple Which was written abou Da'ud bin Isma'il and his descendents which clearly writes as that book was his source more than anything else, also registered Darod on the board of hashemites tribes one of their tribes.

تاليف : سيادة عمدة النسابين العقيليين الشيخ الخطيب النسابة المحقق السيد الشريف : أحمد بن علي الراجحي العقيلي الهاشمي القرشي عضو هيئة الأمر بالمعروف والنهي عن المنكر بمحافظة جدة و عضو الهيئة العليا لتحقيق
الأنساب بالرابطة الهاشمية" كتاب اللآلىء السنية في الأعقاب العقيلية " المختار من تاريخ الجبرتى

And is written clearly:

Da'ud bin Isma'il bin Ibrahim bin Abdisamad Al-Jaberti Al-Aqili (which shows you both Al-Jaberti Al-Aqili are nicknames but not names) that he travelled from Zabid(City in Yemen) with his follows to the land of Zeyla'(Zeylac, Somalia) and he stayed in the district of majeirteen(( where used to be called that name was Iise madoobe"Iise tribe" area whom later on Harti Koombe married from them and Harti's wife "Fadumo" one her grandfather also used to be called majeirteen that how majeirteen inherited that name from Iise tribe)) he married there and lived till his death and left descendants there.

And his descendants are one the biggest Arabic tribes in Somalia and they are called or their tribe "Darod". Darod it is a word changed from it is origin which was Da'ud going back to their great gandfather Da'ud bin Isma'il Al-Jaberti Al-Aqili

As you can see in both circumstances Al-Jaberti is a family nickname as Al-Aqili it doesn't represent a person and it is not a someone's name.
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last page of ahmed rajhi book about daud ismail.jpg (48.44 KiB) Viewed 24712 times
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Re: There is no person or tribe called jeberti But it was a nick

Postby James Dahl » Tue Nov 13, 2012 9:36 pm

Jaberti is a name that probably originates with Daarood. The Jeberti of Eritrea were actually converted by Adal and Axmed Gurey, which was a "Jaberti" kingdom. The Zabidi scholar Isma'il ibn Ibrahim al-Aqeeli was probably "al-Jeberti" perhaps on his mother's side.

I have explained previously why it is chronologically very unlikely if not impossible for Isma'il ibn Ibrahim al-Aqeeli to be the father of Daarood.

Jaberti was historically a synonym for Daarood.
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Re: There is no person or tribe called jeberti But it was a nick

Postby Fuadgarase » Thu Nov 15, 2012 8:18 am

Mr James,

No offence but you are against all the odds, and you seem a man who stuck with his beliefs that is not bad but the problem is when you do contradict yourself and you don't provide a reasonable explanation as well.

Your words:

""Also this tendency for men to have children late in life leads to the opposite problem, it would lead to more generations in an abtirsi stretching further back into history, not closer to our time. If 40 generations means 40 years per generation (all older generations), then Daarood is even further back into history, not 1200-1300 years ago but even further back 1600 years ago, or something like the year 412, hundreds of years before Islam and back into Aksumite times. I think we can both agree that's too far back. Chronologically, Daarood must have been one of the first generations of Muslims in Africa.""

I want to believe you if there was some close or reasonable fact or opinion but other way around you convinced me that your Ideas about whole somali tribes based on baseless imagination not even scientifically reasonable as the generation average for 100 years is 5 generations and you deny that although in 100 years could be more or less but you go on ideas which are ununderstandable and creating forefathers who never existed, for example at least if you have written Darods name as on his grave without any Jaberti would be reasonable forget about disputed ancestor of his. ""

Your words:

""The great scholar Isma'il ibn Ibrahim al-Aqeeli al-Jabarti could not possibly have been Daarood's father, because we know of ruling monarchs descended from Daarood to 22 generations who were his contemporaries, the most notable Daarood alive during the time of Isma'il ibn Ibrahim al-Aqeeli al-Jabarti was Sultan Sabraddin of Adal, who returned to liberate his kingdom from Abyssinian occupation in the year 1422.""

Some one tells you something and you believe without finding out

Your words:

""The abtirsi of the Sultans of Adal I have been given from a descendant of theirs, also the Reer Cumar Wilinwili in the Ogaden are a small clan but they are by no means extinct, and they are the projeny of the Sultans of Adal. That said, if you won't believe other people, then believe your own abtirsi, your abtirsi counts some 37 fathers to Daarood. If Daarood was born only 600 years ago, that is only 16 years between generations, that is simply impossible, Somali generations average 32 years because men marry and have children late into life.""

Such tribe who goes upto 50 or 60 generations doesn't exist through all Darod tribes it is purely fake. You should ask Ogadeen people before writing certain things.

""Despite being recognized authorities, many of the more famous western scholars on Somali topics have proven to have dubious information, and I don't trust their works to be authoritative to be honest.
also as you said about this remember Sabradeen wasn't from ogadeen neither Walashma dynasty were Ogadeen and ass most of Darod go from 30 to 40 generation Ogadeen also are like that if you want proof ask around but just don't take words of those who dont belong to Darod and pretending to be Somalis know each other and as Darood we know each other any Darood who tells you Walashma dynasty are Darood is a fake and any who says they go more than 40 as well is a fake.""

Your words:

""Considering the generations from Aqeel, Darood lived between 890 CE - 950 CE, or about 11 centuries ago. Considering also the average range for a generation of between 24-32 years, I would say that an abtiris to Darood should include 40 generations plus or minus 6, or between 34-46 generations.

This is almost unheard of, as the range I have seen is more in the lines of 30-40 generations.

Either could be the case, though it is perhaps more likely that about 5 generations are missing between Darood and Aqeel than widespread missing generations in abtiris from living people to Darood, other than people with far too few (such as those who count less than 30).

This would however mean that Darood lived more than a century later, or around 1000 CE - 1100 CE.

Considering everything, I consider Darood to have lived about a thousand years ago.""

As all your words contradict each other about the time of Darod, I hope before you write certain thing you need to find out please.

Also is starnge to us when I look into what you wrote above ""This is almost unheard of, as the range I have seen is more in the lines of 30-40 generations""

I wonder and millions of Darod as well when you wrote above is more than 40 generations to Darod and you said is unheard strange are trying to call all Darod descendents are fake unless there are those who go 50 or 60 generations ?. But I am telling you . you will never find those and they don't exist ask anyone one unless some one who is not darod is making it up so please respect our tribe and don't create fake entries .

Please forward those Darod who are more than 40 like 50 or 60 generations than you will find out where they are fake or real or at least you do the research than you will find out anyone on 50 or 60 generations who are Darod is fake.

For the record the was never a person named Jaberti either in Ethiopia Eritrea or Somalia; Jaberti was a nickname for those people used to live in Jabarta city in Eritrea and they belong from different kind of tribes some were Arabs some mixed some Ethiopians

Honestly he could be from anywhere that is not the point, the point is as you putting things in a wrong way like creating a fake forefather and adding a tribe which doesn't belong to Ogadeen by some one's word.

I rest my case as it is hard to debate this issue with you scientifically or logically.

I offering you my apology if any of my words offended you as my intention wasn't that.

Good luck anyway.
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