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Postby Mahad » Sat Nov 04, 2017 8:41 pm

This thread is dedicated to the history of the Hawiye Irir Samaale clan & also of its clan brother the Aji Irir Samaale - any expert/historian who wishes to contribute are more than welcome.

Today, both clans [Hawiye & Dir] lay claim to descend from Shaykh Irir* Samaale* who is said to trace his history back to Banu Haashim (Quraysh) through Aqeel ibn Abū Ṭālib ibn Abd al-Muṭṭalib (the cousin of the prophet pbuh).

*Irir whose actual name is said to be Abd al-Rahman (father of Axmad and Aji - Aji being the father of Abu Bakr commonly known as Dir)

*Samaale whose actual name is Cuthmaan/Othmaan

The 1st son of Irir Samaale is the present day founder of the Hawiye* clan said to be most populous somali clan in Soomaaliya.

Axmed Irir Samaale is said to be buried south east of the city of Harar in Ethiopia north of Baabile town and every year hundreds pay homage to his burial.

*Hawiye being the nickname of Axmad Abd al-Rahman Samaale - it is also been said that his original nickname was al Xaawi shortened over time to Haawey and then subsequently shortened to Haweye/Hawiye.

Interestingly there is a region called Bayt alXaawi/Hawiya in Ethiopia which could indicate that Axmed al Xaawi settled the region as a base to explore and conquer the region.

It is widely known that Haweye or Axmed al Xaawi had 6 sons and 1 daughter (Xalima) from 2 wives Arabeera (who is Arab) and Giirey (who is a Galla/Oromo woman).

Bah Arabeera:
Karanle (Kaariye, Sixawle*, Gidir and Waadeerle*)

*Sixawle being the clan of legendary Axmed Gurey
*Wa'aaderle is the Murusade clan also called the Mursal clan. (So they are the same person) Hararis call the people of Harar Aderi which could possibly denotes that the Murusade clan was a Harari native.

Bah Giirey:
Gorgate (descendants of the populous hiraab clans and other clans)

The 2nd son of Irir Samaale is Aji

Sons of Dir
Mahe Dir (Biimaal, Surre, Quranyow-Garre and others)
Madaxweyne Dir (Gurgura, Akisho Warday and others)
Madoobe Dir (Ciise and others)
Mandaluug Dir (Gadabuursi and others)

Note: I have not listed all the sub clans of both Dir and Hawiye because of the fact that the information is readily available and because that was not the purpose of this thread.
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