James is it ignorance or misleading about Prophet Muhammad

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James is it ignorance or misleading about Prophet Muhammad

Postby Fuadgarase » Thu Nov 15, 2012 9:32 am

Ass you wrote the lineage of Prophet Muhammad was Qahtani in the correction and additions forum.

May Allah curse those who lie against our beloved Muhammad (PBUH)

As our Prophet (PBUH) Adnani Arab and they are descendants of Prophet Isma'il(PBUH) and he told us he is a descendent of Prophet isma'il son of Prophet Ibrahim Peace be upon both of them but not Qahtani.

Adnani are Arabs arabized not Arabs arabs as Qahtani, Prophet Isma'il sons intermarried with the sons of Jurham Bani Qahtan and that was the way they became arabized through intermarrying.

Jewish people write and deny that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was a descendent of Prophet isma'il son of prophet Ibrahim Peace be upon both of them. They say that the prophet was claiming falsely that he was descendent of Prophet Isma'il (PBUH) and you are supporting their Idea's when you publish their Ideology.

I see Mr james you are spreading around jewish hypocrisy

If you don't have knowledge on certain things you shouldn't publish it and If you did this out of ignorance you should redeem yourself asking Allah forgiveness if you are a muslim or ask apology to us or any muslim you are insulting their prophet as you are calling our Prophet (PBUH) a liar after he said that he was the son of Prophet Isma'il (PBUH)

I have realised the way you were trying to mislead Somali's about their tribal lineage but this time you are crossing the line writing such a hippocratic genealogy about our Prophet (PBUH)

Lacnatu laahi calal munaafiqiin and who ever spread jewish ideology

May Allah curse the hypocrites and those who spread jewish Ideology.
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Re: James is it ignorance or misleading about Prophet Muhammad

Postby James Dahl » Thu Nov 15, 2012 6:44 pm

Dear Fuadgarase,

I'm not sure what you mean, really Adnaani arabs (including the Banu Hashim) do not count past Adnaan for a reason, as there is no agreement on the ancestry of Adnaan, though it is true everyone agrees that he is of the line of Isma'il.

The Prophet's opinion on this matter is pretty well attested and the famous hadith of his sums up his opinion of this sort of speculation: "I stop at Adnaan, genealogists tell lies."

I don't have a particular agenda beyond personal curiosity, though to be honest the Prophet Muhammad is probably more correct here than I, I have personally taken his advice and I stop at Adnaan now too.
James Dahl
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