1. Layla
  2. Daughter of AlHafi
  3. Son of Amr "Qudhaad"
  4. Son of Malik
  5. Son of Amr
  6. Son of Murra
  7. Son of Zayd
  8. Son of Malik
  9. Son of Hemyar "AlAranjaj"
  10. Son of Saba'a "Abdshams"
  11. Son of Yashjub
  12. Son of Yarub
  13. Son of Qahtan

Layla AlHafi Amr

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Children sired by Hayda Maad Adnan

  1. alHanfa Hayda Maad
  2. Zuhr Hayda Maad
  3. Dumi Hayda Maad

Siblings of the same mother

  1. Aslum AlHafi Amr
  2. Umm alAsbu AlHafi Amr
  3. Amr AlHafi Amr
  4. Omran AlHafi Amr

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