1. Husein
  2. Son of Yusuf
  3. Son of Matan
  4. Son of Eise
  5. Son of Ahmed
  6. Son of Boqor Mahamed
  7. Son of Da'ud
  8. Son of Abadir
  9. Son of Muse
  10. Son of Mahamed
  11. Son of Warwajele
  12. Son of Radimir
  13. Son of Amanreir
  14. Son of Isaq
  15. Son of Galshiredle
  16. Son of Hodenbari
  17. Son of Balyiri
  18. Son of Awsame
  19. Son of Mareihan "Mahamed"
  20. Son of Sade "Ahmed"
  21. Son of Darod "Abdirahman"
  22. Son of Jaberti "Ismaeil"

Husein Yusuf Matan

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Children born by ???
  • Khalaf Husein Yusuf
  • Siyad Husein Yusuf
  • Ali Husein Yusuf
  • Ahmed Husein Yusuf
  • Yever Husein Yusuf
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