1. Abd Manaf
  2. Son of Qusai "Zaid"
  3. Son of Kilab
  4. Son of Murah
  5. Son of Kaab
  6. Son of Loway
  7. Son of Ghalib
  8. Son of Fahr
  9. Son of Malik
  10. Son of AlNadr "Quraish"
  11. Son of Kinanah
  12. Son of Khuzaimah
  13. Son of Mudrekah
  14. Son of Ilyas
  15. Son of Mudar
  16. Son of Nezar
  17. Son of Maad
  18. Son of Adnan

Abd Manaf Qusai Kilab

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Father: Qusai "Zaid" Kilab Murah
Mother: bint Hulail Hulail

His Name was Huba Hulail

Written By: Fu'adgarase

Children born by ???
  • Amru AlOla "Hashim" Abd Manaf Qusai
  • Muttalib Abd Manaf Qusai
  • Nawfal Abd Manaf Qusai
  • Abd Shams Abd Manaf Qusai
  • Siblings of the same mother

    1. AbdalDar Qusai Kilab
    2. Abdaluza Qusai Kilab

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