1. Muse
  2. Son of Aqeil "Abu Yazid"
  3. Son of Omran "Abu Talib"
  4. Son of Shaybah "Abd AlMutalib"
  5. Son of Amru AlOla "Hashim"
  6. Son of Abd Manaf
  7. Son of Qusai "Zaid"
  8. Son of Kilab
  9. Son of Murah
  10. Son of Kaab
  11. Son of Loway
  12. Son of Ghalib
  13. Son of Fahr
  14. Son of Malik
  15. Son of AlNadr "Quraish"
  16. Son of Kinanah
  17. Son of Khuzaimah
  18. Son of Mudrekah
  19. Son of Ilyas
  20. Son of Mudar
  21. Son of Nezar
  22. Son of Maad
  23. Son of Adnan

Muse Aqeil Omran

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Father: Aqeil "Abu Yazid" Omran Shaybah

As Aqil ibn Abu Talib had 15 children again none of his children named by the name Muse. I hope anyone who is suggesting something, has to try to find if there any fact concerning of that issue, if there is no where to trace, any suggestion it can be put forward, but if we can find the fact about certain thing we should research and not confuse others. Thank you.

Written By: Fuadgarase

Children born by ???
  • Mahdi Muse Aqeil
  • Siblings (mother not known)

    1. Mahamed Aqeil Omran
    2. Muslim Aqeil Omran
    3. Abdalrahman Aqeil Omran
    4. Abdullah Aqeil Omran

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