1. Hantale
  2. Son of Amlale
  3. Son of Kombe "Abdi"
  4. Son of Kablalah "Mahamed"
  5. Son of Darod "Abdirahman"
  6. Son of Jaberti "Ismaeil"

Hantale Amlale Kombe

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Father: Amlale Kombe Kablalah

All Harti people know is Harti Koombe Kablalah and there is disagreement about Harti Hantale Koombe Kablalah no such Harti Hantale Amalaale Koombe Kablalah

Written By: Fuadgarase

Children born by ???
  • Salah "Harti" Hantale Amlale
  • Siblings (mother not known)

    1. Gerri Amlale Kombe

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