1. Mahamed "Bah Majertein"
  2. Son of Salah "Harti"
  3. Son of Hantale
  4. Son of Amlale
  5. Son of Kombe "Abdi"
  6. Son of Kablalah "Mahamed"
  7. Son of Darod "Abdirahman"
  8. Son of Jaberti "Ismaeil"

Mahamed "Bah Majertein" Salah Hantale

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Father: Salah "Harti" Hantale Amlale
Mother: Fadumo Eilanyo Majertein

Mahamad and his brothers Mahamud (father of Warsangeli) and Axmed (aka Dashishe) are all "Bah Majertayn" as they are sons of Harti by his wife Fadumo, but only Mahamed's descendants are referred to as "Majertayn".

Written By: James Dahl

As Mahamud Harti’s nickname is Morasante and Ahmed Harti’s nickname is Moraase, also Mahamed Harti’s nickname is Morajante

Written By: Fuadgarase

Children born by ???
  • Awe Mahamed Salah
  • Mahamud "Wabeineye" Mahamed Salah
  • Tabale Mahamed Salah
  • Warwaqsame Mahamed Salah
  • Siblings of the same mother

    1. Mahamud "Morasante" Salah Hantale
    2. Ahmed "Moraase" Salah Hantale

    Half-siblings from a different mother

    1. Abdirahman "Kaskiqabbe" Salah Hantale
    2. Sieid "Dulbahante" Salah Hantale
    3. Liban "Libangashe" Salah Hantale
    4. Ali "Geisigule" Salah Hantale

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