1. Ibrahim
  2. Son of Abdalrahman
  3. Son of Mahamed
  4. Son of Abdalsamad
  5. Son of Hambal
  6. Son of Mahdi
  7. Son of Ahmed
  8. Son of Abdullah
  9. Son of Mahamed
  10. Son of Aqeil "Abu Yazid"
  11. Son of Omran "Abu Talib"
  12. Son of Shaybah "Abd AlMutalib"
  13. Son of Amru AlOla "Hashim"
  14. Son of Abd Manaf
  15. Son of Qusai "Zaid"
  16. Son of Kilab
  17. Son of Murah
  18. Son of Kaab
  19. Son of Loway
  20. Son of Ghalib
  21. Son of Fahr
  22. Son of Malik
  23. Son of AlNadr "Quraish"
  24. Son of Kinanah
  25. Son of Khuzaimah
  26. Son of Mudrekah
  27. Son of Ilyas
  28. Son of Mudar
  29. Son of Nezar
  30. Son of Maad
  31. Son of Adnan

Ibrahim Abdalrahman Mahamed

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Father: Abdalrahman Mahamed Abdalsamad

There are at least 5 different versions of this genealogy.

Written By: James Dahl

You can find the real lineage of Isma'il jeberti by 100 of Arabic books I do think as educated people we should research things first, instead writing strange things I was just wondering when I saw this because after Abdullah bin Mohamed bin Aqeel all those descendents does not exist in every single book of the Hashemite and Aqeeliyoon ancestors and descendents books. Again Abdullah bin Mohamed bin Aqeel had 6 sons none of them called Ahmed.

Written By: Fuadgarase

Siblings (mother not known)

  1. Othman "alSumaili" Abdalrahman Mahamed

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