1. Ogal
  2. Son of Abdi
  3. Son of Samatar
  4. Son of Husein
  5. Son of Mahamed "Idarays"
  6. Son of Saad
  7. Son of Yonis
  8. Son of Ismaeil
  9. Son of Arre
  10. Son of Sayid Saeid "Habar Yonis"
  11. Son of Ismaeil "Habar Garhajis"
  12. Son of Sheikh Ishaq
  13. Son of Ahmed
  14. Son of Mahamed

Ogal Abdi Samatar

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Children born by ???
  • Fiqi Ogal Abdi
  • Jibril Ogal Abdi
  • Samagab Ogal Abdi
  • Siblings (mother not known)

    1. Bah Arab Abdi Samatar

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