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Ahmed Mahamed

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Father: Mahamed
Possible father by some accounts: Mahammad Husein Ali

James, you said that Sheikh Ishaq abtirsi is same as that of Sheikh Yussuf Kowneyn and therefore Sheikh Ishaq's origin is unknow (fake). Let me correct you, it is the other way round and the origin of Sheikh Y. Kowneyn is unknow as he does not have any children he left behind any where in the world and there is no book or Archive left behind by him as to the genealogy or abtirsi of his. As for Isaaq, he left behind a nation of 3.2 million people and his archive hand-written by exists for facts, this can be found in burial monastery in Mayd. There are some people out there who are trying to paint our ancestor's history with brush full of shit but they will never succeed in the presence of 3.2 million. By the way James, you look to be naive to be a historian or researcher by reaching a conclusion of such thing without investigating the discrepancy of the fact, therefore you need to go a college to study before you can try to take up research of a field.

Written By: nassir

Children born by ???
  • Sheikh Ishaq Ahmed Mahamed
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