1. Sultan Ali
  2. Son of Sultan Madar
  3. Son of Sultan Hirsi
  4. Son of Sultan Aman
  5. Son of Sultan Diriye
  6. Son of Sugulla
  7. Son of Aynashe
  8. Son of Hirsi
  9. Son of Osman
  10. Son of Hildid
  11. Son of Mahamed
  12. Son of Adan
  13. Son of Omar
  14. Son of Abdullah
  15. Son of Ismaeil
  16. Son of Arre
  17. Son of Sayid Saeid "Habar Yonis"
  18. Son of Ismaeil "Habar Garhajis"
  19. Son of Sheikh Ishaq
  20. Son of Ahmed
  21. Son of Mahamed

Sultan Ali Sultan Madar Sultan Hirsi

8th Sultan of Habar Yonis

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Born: 1900
Died: 1979

Children born by ???
  • Sultan Osman Sultan Ali Sultan Madar
  • Siblings (mother not known)

    1. Qani Sultan Madar Sultan Hirsi

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