1. Sheikh Ishaq
  2. Son of Ahmed
  3. Son of Mahamed "Rambade"
  4. Son of Hanaftire
  5. Son of Mahe
  6. Son of Dir
  7. Son of Aji
  8. Son of Irir
  9. Son of Samale
  10. Son of Hil
  11. Son of Abrone

Sheikh Ishaq Ahmed Mahamed

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Born: 1200s in Somalia, He Married The Daughter Of Magadle Named Magado Where His Offspring From Her Are Known As Habar Magadle And Also Had A Habesha Slave That Some Traditions Assert Was From Harar Named Hanifa And His Offsprings From Her Are Known As Habar Habusheid. Sheikh Ishaq Had 8 Sons, 4 From His Wife Magado Are Ismail (Garhajis), Mohammed (Arap), Abdirahman (Habar Awal) And Ayub. His 4 Other Sons From His Slave Hanifa Are Muse, Ibrahim (Sanbur), Mahamed (Ibran) And Ahmed (Tol Jelo). His Offsprings Form One Of The Largest Population Amongst The Dir Today
buried in Maydh, Sanag, Somalia

Children born by Hanifa "His"

  1. Muse "Jelo" Sheikh Ishaq Ahmed
  2. Ibrahim "Sanbur " Sheikh Ishaq Ahmed
  3. Mahamed "Obran " Sheikh Ishaq Ahmed
  4. Ahmed "Tol Jelo " Sheikh Ishaq Ahmed

Children born by Magado Magadle Mahamed

  1. Ismaeil "Habar Garhajis " Sheikh Ishaq Ahmed
  2. Mahamed "Arap " Sheikh Ishaq Ahmed
  3. Abdirahman "Habar Awal " Sheikh Ishaq Ahmed
  4. Ayub Sheikh Ishaq Ahmed

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