Sultan Yusuf "Kenadid" Ali Boqor Yusuf

1st Sultan of Hobyo

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Died: 1911

Father: Ali "Arda-Basle" Boqor Yusuf Boqor Mahamud

Sultan Yusuf initially attempted to usurp the title of Boqor of the Majerteen Kingdom from his relative Boqor Ismaan Mahamuud, but failed and lived in exile in Yemen for several years.

He returned to Somalia in 1878 with an army of Hadhramuti mercenaries and invaded the Hiraab Imamate, and carved his Sultanate of Hobyo out of the northern third of the Imamate.

Ten years later in 1888, he signed a protectorate treaty with the Kingdom of Italy.

Written By: James Dahl

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  • Osman Sultan Yusuf Ali
  • Sultan Ali "Kenadid" Sultan Yusuf Ali

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