1. Garad Yasin
  2. Son of Garad Farah
  3. Son of Garad Shirshore
  4. Son of Habarwa
  5. Son of Abdalle
  6. Son of Muse
  7. Son of Sieid "Dulbahante"
  8. Son of Salah "Harti"
  9. Son of Hantale
  10. Son of Amlale
  11. Son of Kombe "Abdi"
  12. Son of Kablalah "Mahamed"
  13. Son of Darod "Abdirahman"
  14. Son of Jaberti "Ismaeil"

Garad Yasin Garad Farah Garad Shirshore

4th Garad of Dhulbahante

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Siblings (mother not known)

  1. Garad Abdalle Garad Farah Garad Shirshore

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