1. Begedi
  2. Son of Mahamed
  3. Son of Reiwin "Rahanweyn"
  4. Son of Sifir
  5. Son of Kalmuge "Kalamagod"
  6. Son of Talomadar
  7. Son of Mahamed "Mad"
  8. Son of Digil "Digalu"
  9. Son of Daysame
  10. Son of Orma
  11. Son of Sabe
  12. Son of Hil
  13. Son of Abrone

Begedi Mahamed Reiwin

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Siblings (mother not known)

  1. Mirifle Mahamed Reiwin
  2. Aleimow Mahamed Reiwin
  3. Jambalul Mahamed Reiwin

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