Boqor Mahamud Boqor Osman Boqor Mahamud

11th Sultan of Majertein

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Father: Boqor Osman "Bah-Dir" Boqor Mahamud Boqor Yusuf

Boqor(King) Mahamud son of Boqor(King) Isman Reign was from 1844-1860. He took after his brothers dead Boqor(King) Yusuf son of Boqor(King) Isman who ruled from 1842-1844, the ancestor of Sultan Yusuf(Kenadid).

Written By: Fuadgarase

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  • Boqor Osman Boqor Mahamud Boqor Osman
  • Halan Boqor Mahamud Boqor Osman

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